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Hans Posthumus CEO Bluekazi Group

Internationales Team


Hans Posthumus, is the Bluekazi Group founder and CEO.  He is a recruitment expert with 20 years of experience in corporate international management roles in the vehicle and engineering sector. Network and team focused. Born 1971 in The Netherlands his career started with a migration to Germany after graduating in Business Science and Marketing at Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL). 25 years later he is three times a year on business trips to the Eastern and Southern African region, visiting Kenya, Uganda, Zambia etc., with a deep understanding of the countries and business cultures, of the vocational institutes and universities, and of the english speaking skilled professionals communities. The idea of establishing a North-South link, thus matching african professionals with european employers was born.  2022 Bluekazi Group recruitment and onboarding agency for skilled workers was founded. A group of meanwhile 4 branches, scalable business model, and a high level of personal contact with the stakeholders in Africa und Europe. His focus is on delivering on the growth plan, the employer network, partnerships, and high standards of the international candidate search & screening process.


 Together with the international team of Ann, Yvonne, Brenda, Rabecca, as the local African country managers with HR & management background, and Caroline as the central back office manager, as well as selected agents we make candidates and employers happy. The team is assisted by freelancers in the legal and marketing field. 

Bluekazi Consulting

For European companies planning a market entry in Zambia, Kenya or Uganda, and looking for local support in search for skilled workers and staff, or other market entry support, we are there with our local team to assist in an efficient and strategic manner, while engaging further legal- or sectorspecialists if and when needed.

Team member

Agents network

A network of over 20 experienced, well trained Bluekazi recruitment agents searching for the best skilled candidates in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia etc.
Pre-screening, answering questions from candidates on topics like attractive salaries in Europe, modern workplaces and big chances to get great money for great skills and education. Enough to earn a good living and to support several family members. Our agents engage with candidates with one main goal: matching the job contracts offered through us by european employers with the best skilled african candidates.

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