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Europe needs your AfriCAN skills

Check out the information below on mindset, needed skills and package contents:

  • Your age is between 23 – 44 years,

  • You are a hands-on personality

  • You have a diploma or degree in a technical field, hospitality, nursing OR you have at least 2yrs of TVET certificates with 2+ years of work experience, OR you have heavy trucks CE or Bus D driving experience,

  • You are interested in a longterm stay abroad to grow,

  • You are committed to learn the foreign language - you will have to enroll for german classes upto B1 exam level (IT staff and truck drivers exempted),

  • You own the right mindset to master the double cultural change (country & workplace):

    • Agile, efficiency focused

    • With punctuality & discipline

    • First-time-right quality focus

    • 100% customer/patient centricity

Is this YOU? Then we'll be happy to take you all along the process, present you to renowned employers in Germany (skilled workers), Italy, Poland & Czech Republic, Balkan region, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands within 9-15 months.

Because of strict EU work permit regulations we can offer this great service only for specific job profiles-in-demand (workforce shortage) in the specific country. We connect to matching employers looking for skilled workers from Africa, mainly from Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tunisia.  

Mandatory language skills 

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Will I be able to learn another language? 

Yes you will!

For Germany, Switzerland, Austria learning a basic level of German (B1 level) is for most professions mandatory to obtain a work permit visa! For Poland and Czech Republic only fluency in english is sufficient.

The good news is that such a language course is doable for most candidates within 6-9 months if you invest 10  hours of training per week. 

Why is having basic local language skills mandatory for the visa process?

  • Language is the basis for succesful integration in a foreign non-english speaking culture

  • You make a real difference by showing upfont language learning commitment towards employers.

  • Your start, worklife and private life in UK, Holland or Germany will be much smoother with these language skills.

  • You will understand important instructions from your boss, colleagues or customers from day one.

  • Workplace safety and mental health benefit enormously.

Reichstag Building Germany

German Language Courses

There are a lot of affordable and free e-learning online course opportunities nowadays. We advise using a laptop. ​


Apart of Bluekazi candidates' German language classes in Nairobi, Lusaka, Kampala these are our recommendations:

  1. Lingolette - use the app or the website. A great AI powered conversational tool - for all levels (free)

  2. Free German online courses for beginners - Learning videos A1 and A2 (

  3. LEARN GERMAN | DW Learn German A1, A2, B1 and B2 level offered (free)

  4. Level A1 / Courses - (free)

  5. The Open Unversity - Getting started with German 1 (free)

  6. BBC German courses. (free)

  7. Duolingo app (free).

  8. Goethe-Institut community learning (free, just sign up)

  9. Goethe Institute in your country, for (online-)courses & exams.

  10. Private teachers in your region (do a Google search), like Hetz Language Centre in TZ/ZM, or Dycrest private coaching (A1, A2)  in KE, or Tujijenge German Institute (excellent B1 exam preparation course and more).

  11.  Health care language App (free)

We recommend a time invest of 10h per week, to complete each level (A1, A2, B1, B2) within 3 months.

INTERCULTURAL TRAINING is another part of preparation. Within our faciliation package we offer dedicated online classes for this.

For now you can have a glimpse already through this FREE course: Living & working in Germany (

​Don't wait, start today to speed up your own visa process and start at the new workplace abroad! 

Young Nurse

Unique high value package

At we specialize in search for top vocational candidates (often called blue collar workers) and professionals like yourself. For well paid jobs in Europe, particularly in Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland, Balkan, The Netherlands. We match your CV, personality and experience with vacancies of employers in our database and take care of the relocation and onboarding. We intend to create long term employer-worker couples who highly trust each other. In a highly personal, ethical and professional manner.

Push the button below to send us your well prepared CV. With this we can introduce you properly to your future employer. We will get back to you within a week to advise on further steps. 

Upon signing our Job Programme service contract you'll benefit from the following unique value package:

  1. Job contract within 12 months after signage of the Programme contract. Medical insurance and pension accrual included, 40h weekly working hours.                       

  2. Five intercultural onboarding online-trainings (culture, workplace, health & safety, legal, daily life), 1.5h each, before you leave to Europe.

  3. Assistance alongside the whole visa work permit and relocation process.

  4. Flight ticket, accommodation search and transfer to the accommodation upon arrival.

  5. After care get-together sessions online when being in the new workplace during the first half year.

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