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Diagnostic Test Vehicle mechanic

Vehicle Mechanics  - job desciption

Most vehicle mechanics jobs (or mechatronics as the profession is meanwhile called) our european employers are offering contain the following responsibilities and tasks.

Job Description:

  • You have aligned professional experience in Service, Maintenance and Repair of cars or commercial vehicles, as well as fitment of accessories.

  • As a specialist you do the diagnostics of technical and electronics failures/defects.

  • With a customer-centric mindset and while meeting time and productivity restraints you take care of repair and maintenance jobs in a highly responsible manner.

  • You exectute vehicle diagnosis and repair jobs in an independent manner.

  • You report and inform on scope of work to be done.

German vehicle mechanics salary ranges from 12 - 25  EUR per hour, depending on experience and certificates.   

You will be informed about the specifics of your individual job contract offer in a personal (online-)meeting. 

We look forward to your application if you are having an aligned vocational diploma or certificates, work experience, and you are between 23 and 45 years old.

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