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Truck and Warehouse Truck drivers

Truck drivers - job desciption

Most truck driver jobs our european employers are offering contain the following responsibilities and tasks:

- Transport of containers to/from intermodal ports or transport of food and raw materials from warehouses or retail and distribution centres.
- Checking vehicles for mechanical parts and safety issues as well as preventive maintenance.
- Planning routes and adhering to delivery schedules.
- Documenting and logging work/rest times and kilometres driven, as well as keeping fuel and toll receipts.
- Entering status into automated fleet management system for each phase of the loading and unloading process.
- Complying with truck driving regulations (size, weight, route designations, parking and rest periods) and company policies and procedures.
- Manoeuvring trucks into loading and unloading positions.
- Collecting and verifying delivery instructions.
- Reporting defects, accidents or violations.

Some jobs are regional transport where you drive day trips around your homebase. Others are long distance haulage where you will return home latest after 2 weeks. German truck drivers wages start from 12 EUR per hour.  

You will be informed about the specifics of your individual job contract in a personal (online-)meeting.  We look forward to your application if you are experienced and between 25 and 45 years old.

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