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For Employers:

Be one step ahead of demographics.

Employers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands or Belgium are facing challenges to find  technical professionals, ICT, hospitality staff, drivers or nursing professionals. It’s time for a new strategy. Change your horizon to english speaking Africa!

The next two decades the supply and demand for vocational professionals will show an increasing offset. Going to search employees abroad is easily said but quite hard to do!

At the same time with a specialized screening and relocation partner like Bluekazi Group no issue at all. It offers major advantages:

  • we have indept knowledge of local labour markets and workers communities    FIND 

  • we know the best vocational training institutes, curricula and diplomas    QUALITY

  • we know culture, country and people specifics    SENSITIVITY

  • we execute on intercultural onboarding     PREPARATION 

  • wir do local assesment of candidates    SELECTION 

Are you open and ready for your part of the integration process? Then you are good to go. With Bluekazi Group you are right at the source of experienced new employees! Irrespective whether you are looking for 2, 20 or 200 workers. We know them or will find them!

Which are the benefits of carefully selected african professionals?

  1. Loyalty. Motivated, dilligent, creative, hardworking, loyal with a long term work abroad intention.

  2. Language. Easier communication through target country language B1 level and fluency in English as a fallback

  3. Onboarding. We intensively prepare candidates through trainings on country- and work-culture aspects.

  4. Savings. No need for you to travel to the source countries, as we have local offices, licenses and own staff there.

  5. Leave days. Africans prefer taking annual leave countercyclical, in the months december, january, february (their summer).

  6. Business Development. Having Africa expansion plans during the next 10 years, seeing the fascinating increase of sales markets on the growing continent?  By integration staff from the target markets into your european organization you have the best catalyst (knowhow, experienced staff for future branches) for market entry!

Our candidates commit to doing mandatory basic language courses when still in Africa. For jobs in the D-A-CH region this means to match the A2, B1 or B2 Goethe-Institute language level of German. For UK jobs the SELT/IELTS test, or for Dutch jobs Staatsexamen NT2 Niveau B1.

Why do we focus on staff from Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, RSA South-Africa?  Because of the professional population speaking English fluently.

Upon your written commitment and job contract(s) we'll give you aligned candidate profiles to choose from. Afer that video interviews follow.

With our Bluekazi Recruitment Programme your new employee(s) can be at the workplace within 6-12 months. Or faster if the candidate has already completed A2/B1 language level.  Contact us anytime for more information on this source of workforce and let’s talk through your needs.

In case you are about to expand and open a new branch in Africa in for example Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, we are also at you side for recruiting and staffing needs. Be assured that we know many local professionals / vocational experts already from our screenings for european jobs!

>>>Mehr wissen über den innovativen Ausweg beim Thema Fachkräftemangel in Deutschland? Lese unseren BLOG.

We speak German, English, Dutch.

Jobs-in-demand in Europe for skilled vocational employees from Africa

Bluekazi Group is bridging Africa and Europe as a leading employment agency. With high ethics standard, personal approach, mixed european & african management and intercultural onboarding drive.

Our focus reaches from healthcare staff, IT, hospitality & technical vocational staff, up to truck and bus drivers.

MISSION: we match African professionals between 23 and 45 with trusted European employers that are impacted by workforce shortages while offering well paid job contracts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, UK and the Netherlands. We further assist au pair candidates to find a host family and get a visa.

Integration-minded employers searching for new skilled workers go to the section further below.

Job Offers FAQ

  • Skilled jobs. Regarding the above listed jobs indicative monthly net salaries mostly vary from 1600 EUR to 2200 EUR, depending on age, skills, experience, industry etc. Based on usually 40h weekly working hours, max. 10h per day. Medical insurance and pension accrual included. Annually 21+ days of paid leave (vacation), which can be used to travel home.  ​

  • Ausbildung (Dual Vocational Training) which is an unparalleled, specific German 3 years work/study programme, typically for the 18-35 year old. Required is German language skills B1/B2 level as vocational education is completely in German. And you will need to have completed High School and provide this certificate with good grades. While you work and study you get paid almost half of the above amount.

  • FSJ (Voluntary Social Year) which makes your start in Germany smoother if you are not elder than 27. This 6-12 month assignment in the social sector creates time to improve practical language skills from B1 to B2 level and to adapt to the new culture & environment before you enter e.g. into a Ausbildung. Salary is around 500 € monthly.  

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About us

Bluekazi Group

💙 BLUE - the color of the European Union and UK flag. Dedicated to blue collar & other professionals, au pairs.
💙 KAZI  - means work/job in Swahili language. We arrange job contracts in Europe.
💙 GROUP - close to our candidates & employers, through branches in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Germany.


Our service bridges the all gaps and hurdles involved in getting a work permit visa and a valuable job contract in Europe, and even covers intercultural onboarding.

We assist both employers in Germany, D-A-CH region, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and skilled African professionals. Leading to growth for both. The fastest growing employment agency matching African skilled talents with employers in Europe. And of staffing for your new branch in african countries. 

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