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Jobs in demand

Jobs-in-demand in Europe for skilled vocational employees from Africa.

Bluekazi Group is bridging Africa and Europe as a leading employment agency. With high ethics standard, personal approach, european & african management and intercultural onboarding drive.

Our focus is English speaking healthcare staff and technical vocational blue collar employees, truck drivers etc.

MISSION: to match African professional between 23 and 45 with trusted European employers that are impacted by workforce shortages while offering well paid job contracts in Germany and The Netherlands.

Integration-minded employers searching for new skilled workers go to the section further below.

Job Offers FAQ

Regarding the above listed jobs indicative monthly net salaries mostly vary from 1600 EUR to 2200 EUR, depending on age, skills, experience, industry etc. This means between 210K and 260K KES / 6,3M and 7,8M UGX /  31K and 38K ZMW (*FX rate can change). Based on usually 40h weekly working hours, max. 10h per day.

Medical insurance and pension accrual included. Annually 21 or more days of paid time off (vacation), which can be used to travel home.  ​​

Talking on the phone

For Employers

Be one step ahead.

As an employer you might face challenges to find vocational blue collar professionals. It’s time for a new strategy. Change your horizon to Africa!

During the next two decades the supply and demand for vocational professionals will show an increasing offset. Going to search employees abroad is easily said but hard to do!

At the same time with an appropriate partner like Bluekazi Group, having the knowledge "abroad" of

  • labour market and workers communities 

  • relevant vocational training institutes, curricula and diplomas

  • culture, country and people

  • intercultural onboarding knowhow & needs

  • pre-selection of candidates

no issue at all. 

Are you as an employer motivated, open and ready for your part of the integration process? Then you are good to go with us. With Bluekazi Group you are right at the source of experienced new employees! Irrespective whether you are looking for 2, 20 or 200 workers. We know them or will find them!

Benefit from English speaking experienced employees and integrate them into your team. Little extra integration effort will be compensated by the creativity, diligence, hard work and longterm loyalty of your new employee(s).

Our candidates commit to doing mandatory basic language courses still in Africa, matching the A2, B1 or B2 Goethe-Institute language level of German or Dutch equivalent. Even if their fluency in English is a huge benefit, we want to make sure that they understand basic work instructions in e.g. German or Dutch from day 1.

We have access to a large group of pre-screened experienced employees and craftsmen in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. 

Upon your written commitment and job contract(s) we will give you aligned candidate profiles to choose from. Upon this video interviews follow.

With our Bluekazi Recruitment Programme your new employee(s) can be at your workplace within 6-8 months. Or faster if the candidate has already completed A2 or B1 language level.

Contact us anytime for more information on this new source of workforce and let’s talk through your needs.

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Fachkräfte-Strategien: Blick auf Afrika

We speak German, English, Dutch.

What employers and candidates say

Medical Staff

Linda Kageni  (Candidate)

Nurse, Groningen Medical Center

​​"From the very first contact with the kenyan experts of Bluekazi, I felt secure and at home. They took me all along the process and I won't forget the happy day I held both the job contract and the visa in my hands. The support did not end after my start in Europe. I am grateful for the three virtual get together meetings we had in the first half year after starting at the workplace. These moderated exchanges with fellow Bluekazi programme members were very valuable and fun. 

I now earn a salary I have always dreamed of, while being able to save and transfer a substantial amount to my family in Nairobi every month. I can recommend any skilled professional to enter into the programme."​

Truck and Warehouse

Alexander Miller  (Employer)

Fleet Manager HAPRO Spedition

"Upon consulting Bluekazi Group, our Kenyan driver Isaac joined the team only 7 months later.  After 5 months onboarding in the warehouse and the workshop, while obtaining “fastlane” the formal EU drivers licenses and doing the mandatory 140h EU professional driver theory courses, he joined our drivers team. Meanwhile he’s steering one of our newest 40to swap body trucks on German national routes. Frequent communication on both job and private life matters was and is key. We are both committed to continuing this success story. We love Isaac’s skills, great english communication and positive mindset."


Kenya Office


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KMA Centre, Mara Road

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00202 Nairobi


+49 170 9287420

Opening Hours

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Open upon appointment

Zambia Office


Plot No. 20236,

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Woodlands, Lusaka


+260 963726311

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Open upon appointment

Furniture Factory

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About us

We are Bluekazi Group

💙 BLUE - like the color of the European Union flag. Dedicated to blue collar and other professionals.
💙 KAZI - means work/job in Swahili language. We arrange Job contracts in Europe.
💙 GROUP - always close to our candidates & employers, through branches and agents in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Germany.

As work permit visa are only awarded for specific professions with shortage of workforce in Europe we thus offer just those jobs.

Our service bridges the all gaps and hurdles involved in getting a work permit visa and a valuable job contract in Europe, and even covers the intercultural onboarding.

We assist both European employers in Germany & The Netherlands and skilled African professionals. Leading to growth for both.

The fastest growing recruitment Agency in Africa for quality vocational jobs in the EU.

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